• Motile tire services in Brasov

Mobile tire services for TRUKS in Brasov country

vulcnizare-mobila-tiruriIn the case of service serving the heavy machinery, trucks, trailers, buses and trucks, tire vulcanization takes place at the location specified by the client.

If you do not manage to pull apart the wheel of the truck, we have the equipment necessary to accomplish this.

Mobile tire service

- unlock stuck, too tight or broken bolts,

- extraction of anti-theft wheel in case you missed the key or it broke,

- replacement or repair (if possible) to rims alloy or steel wheels (sheet iron),

- replacement or repair of spare tire with the wheel of your car.

- change of tires at the beginning or the end of the cold season



Mobile tire service

- Tire service at you home or at your office

- Tire service in less accessible places

- Mobile tire shop

- Replacement with new tire on request.

Tire service in Brasov

- In all Brasov county

- In any season

- Under any weather conditions

- For any type of vehicle



Mobile tire service

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